Pioneer Communications’ basic local telephone service for both residential and business service.

Basic Local Service

Pioneer Communications provides you with rich features — all included in our Basic Local Phone Service package.

Voice Mail
Caller ID / Call Waiting Caller ID*
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
3-Way Calling
8-List Speed Dial

Customers must have phones capable of displaying Calling Number/Calling Number Waiting Caller ID to use this feature. A display showing the Calling Name/Calling Name Waiting Caller ID is available for an additional charge.

Why have a landline?

In the event of an emergency, a landline phone is typically more reliable than a cell phone. When a natural disaster occurs, cell phone towers are quickly congested with calls to family and emergency services. Landline phones don’t rely solely on these towers for calls to get through. Additionally, should the need ever arise for a child to call 911, it’s much easier for them to do so with a landline phone than with a cell phone that might require swiping, pushing, or unlocking buttons before dialing.

Learn About Landlines
Lanline Phone

Regional Phone Service

Build on your Basic Local Phone Service with one of our three Advantage phone packages. Each comes with a set amount of toll-free calling within our expanded regional calling area. Our expanded regional calling area covers 17 counties and more than 50 cities. Enjoy the ease and simplicity of 7-digit dialing to all areas within our expanded regional calling area.

Advantage Standard

FREE with Basic Local Phone
4 Hours of Toll-Free Calling within our Expanded Regional Calling Area*

Advantage Plus

7 Hours of Toll-Free Calling within our Expanded Regional Calling Area*

Upgrade Your Basic Local Phone

Advantage Premium

11 Hours of Toll-Free Calling within our Expanded Regional Calling Area*

Upgrade Your Basic Local Phone

*Calls made each month within the expanded regional calling area that are in excess of the allotted number of minutes will be billed at the affordable rate of $0.08 per minute.

Pioneer Long Distance

We offer affordable, flat-rate pricing to keep things simple – no matter where in the world you call. Our long-distance flat rate is 8.9 cents per minute.

  • Rate applies all day long and on weekends – no “peak time” rate increases
  • Same rate for intrastate and interstate calls
  • No minimum monthly fee — you pay only for the long distance calls you make
  • After the initial 18 second billing time segment, toll time usage rounds up to the nearest 6-second increment, not up to the next minute

Switch to Pioneer Long Distance at any time for free. We also offer 800 Numbers and Account Codes to help you stay in touch, no matter where you are.

Additional Programs

Lifeline Program

Lifeline is a government program established to make monthly telephone service more affordable for qualifying households.

Read More about the Lifeline Program

Custom Calling Services

Want personalized call transfer and holding? Our custom calling features give you total control over your phone. You can select the features you want—bundle and save!

Advanced Calling Services

Want to screen calls more effectively? We offer advanced calling services for an additional fee. You can select the features you want—bundle and save!

TAP Program

The Kansas Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) provides qualifying residents with free phones designed for accessibility.

Have questions? We have answers!

I live out in the country, can I still get a landline phone with Pioneer?

If you live in our Pioneer telephone exchange area, we can offer landline telephone service to you.

Do you have phone systems for businesses?

Absolutely! We are phone system experts. We have multiple flexible and affordable options when it comes to business phone systems. Whether you’re looking for premise-based or hosted, we can provide a solution that fits your needs.

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