We invite all customers in our Stream TV Service Area to try Watch TV Everywhere (WTVE). Each account can have up to 4 individual sign ons at Watch TV Everywhere!

  1. Locate your Pioneer Communications Statement Number (located under the Summary Detail) on your monthly bill. You will need the 7 digits located to the left of the (-) dash. (Example: Your Statement Number reads 0004135522-001, the 7 digits you use would be: 4135522)
  2. Open www.watchtveverywhere.com.
  3. From the list of participating TV providers, select “Pioneer Communication”s. Then, press the “Register” button from the menu bar at the top left of the page.
  4. Complete all fields on the registration page.
    1. In the “Subscriber Validation” section, enter your “Account Number” (this is the 7-digit Statement Number on your Pioneer Communications bill). Please note: The “Last Name on Statement” field must match the last name that appears on your monthly billing statement. For “Verification,” simply re-enter the verification number that is shown on the right side.
    2. In the “New User Information” section, enter a first and last name and you’ll create a new password. The “Email Address” that you enter here can be any current and active email account of your choosing. This email will be used to deliver password reminders should you forget your password, and it will also be used as your User ID when logging into some of the cable networks.
    3. Once completed press the “Register” button. You will receive a confirmation email, click on the link in the email to activate your account.
    4. Click the “Log In” tab, located at the top of the page.
  5. Enter your Email Address and Password. Click the “Login” button.
    1. This same page will also allow you to request a password or email address reminder should you happen to forget yours.
  6. Click the cable network you want to watch to launch their streaming site. Enjoy!

How to Access Watch TV Everywhere on a Mobile Device

At each network’s page you’ll find links to free Android and iOS apps you can download to watch on mobile devices. The first time you use a new app on your device, you’ll be prompted to select Pioneer Communications from a list of providers and enter your WatchTVEverywhere password.

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