Supported Operating Systems

The StreamTV app runs on a wide variety of today’s most popular streaming video and mobile platforms.

Recommended Devices

These are the devices that provide the best possible StreamTV experience and offer robust computing power, memory, video quality, WiFi connectivity, and remote controls.

The Apple TV (Gen 5) is Apple’s latest streaming media player and one we’d recommend placing where you watch the majority of your TV.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick delivers a solid experience. This is our most highly recommended device and comes at a great price point.

Supported Devices

StreamTV is supported on 3 major app stores — Amazon, Apple, and Android. If your device can download the app, you can enjoy StreamTV.

iPhone (iOS 14+)
Android (11+)​

iPad (iOS 14+)
Android (11+)

Amazon Fire Stick (Fire OS 5+)
Apple TV (tvOS 14+)

Apple TV (Gen 4+)
Android (OS 8+)
Amazon Fire TV (Fire OS 5+)

Amazon Fire Smart TV
Android TV (OS 8+)

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Apple Safari

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